"The small blossoms never unfurl; whatever they

know they keep to themselves until a morning rain

 or a night wind pares the petals down to nothing."

--Philip Levine, from "Burial Rights"

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Chapbook Contest Results

Elisabeth Adwin Edwards' chapbook, The Way I Learn to  Take It Like A Girl was chosen as the winner of our 2018 chapbook contest! Click here to read more and learn how to order the winning chapbook!

Nick Hilbourn's, Endlings: A Pennsylvania Sketchbook 2016-2018, was chosen as the second place winner of our 2018 chapbook contest! Click here to read now!

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These Fragile Lilacs Poetry Magazine is devoted to showcasing poetry that contains vivid imagery and unique metaphors. We also look for unique artwork and pictures (especially of lilacs). Whether you're an established poet or a new poet looking to begin publishing, we would love to read your poems and consider them for inclusion in our journal!